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Stick 'Em Up, Pistol Skins Work on Revolvers, too!

Stick 'Em Up, Pistol Skins Work on Revolvers, too! - GunSkins
Stick 'Em Up, Pistol Skins Work on Revolvers, too! - GunSkins

The original Colt single action and subsequent double action revolvers are such historic and beloved pistols that symbolizes the great American Wild West. Often only packing five or six shots, revolvers can vary in size and shape but they all contain the iconic cylinder which houses the precious ammunition. You're not a true cowboy unless you're got a life preserver.

The Universal Approach

Long gone are the days of high noon and going heeled. While the modern gun owner is still likely to walk around town with his everyday carry, more often than not it will be a semi-automatic slide action pistol (1911 for example). That's not to say the six-shooter is completely outdated. Revolvers are popular for use as palm-sized self defense weapons, competition shooting, and the pièce de résistance for serious gun collectors.

GunSkins offers several DIY vinyl wrap options for pistols. Generally speaking, our templates were designed for the beforementioned semi-auto family of handguns. However, we (and our customers) have successfully installed the universal Pistol Skin on the good 'ol peace keeper with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of passion!

Pistol Skin (Proveil Victory)

Tactical 6-Shooter

Our universal Pistol Skin was designed for a frame or barrel/slide up to 8" in length. We recommend removing the cylinder for easier installation on the frame. The two pieces of vinyl are designed for the left and right side, respectively. Use heat to conform to the details of the surface. Use the edge of the frame as a guide and trim away, leaving enough to wrap around the front and back at least halfway through.

The second frame piece will overlap over the first, creating a seam in the middle. Be creative in your trim for the best blend. For example, a straight line might work fine for the stars and stripes of the American Flag but if you're rocking camouflage or other specialty pattern, the seam will be less conspicuous if cut in a meandering fashion.

The last major piece of vinyl is marked for the slide. Since revolvers lack the semi-auto racking mechanism, this piece will instead be used to wrap the cylinder with. Make sure it's empty prior to installing. Measure and cut a strip to match the length of the cylinder, with a little extra to be safe. Wrap around to overlap and trim as necessary. Use heat to press the material into the grooves and make it look good!

Pistol Skin (TrueTimber Prairie)

Reach For the Sky

After reassembling the revolver, hit the entire surface with a post heat and keep pressing in to lock in the look. Using a piece of foam or cloth is helpful as this will counter the details much better than the palm of your hand. Doing this for several minutes resets the vinyl's internal memory and when cooled, will harden and retain shape for years. 

Pistol Skins can be holstered on the regular safely when wearing flexible holsters made from leather, canvas, or other softer material. Having a piece on their hip can make one feel safe. Why not make it look like a million bucks while you're at it? If you intend to keep the justice for years to come, GunSkins will do its part to make sure the sun never sets on your beloved revolver.


  • Jerry Pike: April 25, 2023
    Author's avatar image

    I recently purchased an AR15 wrap from Gun SKINS and was very surprised at how easy it was to install.
    This was my first wrap, tho the wrap wasn’t designed for my rail design, I had to compromise and I love the way it turned out..Thank you Gun SKINS
    Wish I could share pic’s

  • Timothy Yarborough : January 15, 2023
    Author's avatar image

    Can you black the flag one on my model Taurus 605 py 357

  • GunSkins: July 19, 2022
    Author's avatar image

    We don’t have a template specifically for it, Bobby, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be skinned like any other revolver. Conform using heat and trim excess to make fit to your liking.

  • Bobby Hays: July 18, 2022
    Author's avatar image

    Can you make a gun skin for a Chiappa Rhino 60ds?

  • GunSkins: December 18, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Stacy, During the install process, the combination of rubbing alcohol surface prep and the heat gun use will essentially remove any standing moisture. The vinyl is non-porous and the edges are completely sealed, so no new moisture will ever seep under either. However, it is strongly recommended that you properly treat any existing rust prior to covering it in vinyl. Else when the skin is removed, any loose flakes will come off like hair on a band-aid.

  • stacy hoege: November 04, 2021
    Author's avatar image

    Hello. I have a Taurus 6 shot revolver with a 7 inch barrel. It is rusted on one side because of a flood. Do you have a product that would work for this gun?

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