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Realtree Xtra is Classic Camouflage for Casual and Practical Wear

Realtree Xtra is Classic Camouflage for Casual and Practical Wear - GunSkins
Realtree Xtra is Classic Camouflage for Casual and Practical Wear - GunSkins

Effective camouflage has helped shape the survival of the human race and won the tide during wartime in the 20th Century. In more recent times, more and more people are choosing to wear camo on their shirts, hoodies, and hats even though they are not in the woods looking for the king caribou.

Dressing in camouflage has become something of a trend, a fashion statement that speaks to the outdoors men and women. Having camo on your person and your gear has become an external declaration of an internal passion. That being said, perhaps no specific pattern has penetrated popular culture quite like Xtra from Realtree Camo has.

For decades, Realtree Xtra was the flagship camouflage pattern for Bill Jordan's line of Realtree Camo. While not his first design, Xtra was the go-to choice because of how versatile it is. The user could wear Xtra during the Fall, Winter, and early Spring. "The Xtra in Realtree Xtra stands for extra effectiveness in the field." There was no need to change up your apparel and gear for every hunting season.

Pistol Skin (Realtree Xtra)

Like most sticks and leaves camo, Realtree Xtra uses the tried and true layered approach, featuring sharp details in the foreground, a semi-transparent mid-level foliage, and a soft, blurred background. The artwork contains a blend of dense tree texture consisting of overlapping limbs and leaves with open areas of color tones to give a varied look to your gear and apparel.

Realtree Camo has been designing camouflage since 1986 and they have definitely made a name for themselves. Their antler logo can be frequently spotted in a window decal on the back window of a truck. Xtra was such a hit that they even used it as the foundation for their Xtra Colors Series, which offers a variety of different background tones to match the personality of any wearer.

Shotgun Skin (Realtree Xtra)

The fact that so many people don Realtree Xtra on their backpack or lunchbox does not take away the reliance of the camo for those who are serious hunters. Realtree is not a sell out. They produce an entire line of camouflage first and foremost for those who require successful concealment the next time they find themselves in the deep part of the woods, hiding among the trees in wait.


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